President Makoto Nakagawa

Sanko Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in December 1996, succeeding the business (design, manufacture, and sales of pumps and transmissions) of its predecessor, SEA SUNCO

The company was founded in 1954 as Sanko Seisakusho Ltd. in Tsurumi, Yokohama. Ltd. in 1960, and amid the rapid progress of the petroleum industry, which became the driving force behind Japan's rapid economic growth, the company entered the manufacture of cargo handling pumps and shaft drive units for tankers in earnest, with twin and three-shaft gear pumps as its main products, and has since accumulated a solid track record.  In 1981, we developed the industry's first twin-screw pump, and in recent years, we have been aggressively expanding our business by expanding our sales channels to land-use plants and overseas.

Makoto Nakagawa